About Us


About Us

BlueSpace Luxe Travel is a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury destinations for discerning travelers. With agents based both in the US & abroad, we have a unique sense of the needs and requirements of travelers in this day and age. 

Why Us?

Our agents all have specific specialties and methods of travel planning. With our main goal being to provide concierge style, full service travel planning specific to each client’s travel style and destination needs, we match our clients with the agent who will be best equipped to cater to those needs. All of our agents take extensive training for each destination they specialize in both from afar, and hands on. We believe that the best way to learn a destination is to experience it first hand and we look forward to sharing our knowledge base and experience with our clients.

Why BlueSpace?

A new study has found that spending time close to lakes, rivers and the sea has a positive impact on mental health and promotes physical activity.  When in busy cities or an urban metropolis, taking a restful moment beside a fountain can have a similar calming affect on your body. These areas of water are called “bluespaces”. 

The ocean. A raging river. A calm mountain stream. An urban fountain. A blanket of white snow meeting the sky. What’s your BlueSpace?